Used Motors

Used Motors

Our used motor selection is constantly changing with new trade ins coming in and selling. We will do our best to keep in inventory up to date. If you have any questions give us a call at 651-462-4516 and ask for sales.

HP Year Model Brand Stroke Controls Start Shaft Tilt Price
5 1997 5M Mercury 2-Stroke Tiller Man 15″ N $595
9.9 1998 9.9ML Mariner 2-Stroke Tiller Man 20″ N $975
9.9 2001 9.9MLA 4ST Mercury 4 Stroke Tiller Man 20″ N $1,195
15 2008 F15ELPT 4 Mercury 4-Stroke Remote, Binnacle Elec 20″ Y $2,250
15 2010 F15ML Mercury 4-Stroke Tiller Man 20″ N $1,895
25 1996 DT25MCLT Suzuki 2-Stroke Tiller Man 20″ N $1,395
25 1998 J25ELECE Johnson 2 Stroke Remote, Side Elec 20″ N $1,895
25 2011 25ES Suzuki 4 Stroke Tiller Elec 20″ N $3,095
25 2013 E25DTEAAB Evinrude 2 Stroke Tiller Elec 15″ N $3,495
30 1990 J30ELESS Johnson 2-Stroke Remote (New Side) Elec 20″ N $1,725
30 1995 30ELEOB Johnson 2-Stroke Remote Elec. 20″ N $2,195
30 1999 30ELPT Mercury 4 Stroke Remote (New Side) Elec 20″ Y $2,995
60 2014 DF60A Suzuki 4 Stroke Tiller Elec 20″ Y $5,500
70 2000 70PL4SS Evinrude 4 Stroke Tiller Elec 20″ Y $3,895
115 1999 115ELPT Mercury 2-Stroke Concealed Elec 20″ Y $4,295
115 1994 E120TLER Evinrude 2-Stroke Concealed Elec 20″ Y $3,595
115 1996 J115TLED Johnson 2-Stroke Remote (New Side) Elec 20″ Y $4,195
130 2003 BF130A4XA Honda 4 Stroke Remote (Binnacle) Elec 25″ Y $6,295
150 2003 DT150 Suzuki 2-Stroke concealed Elec 25″ Y $4,995

What is our used outboard warranty?

FAQMotor Inventory Updated Weekly


100% parts and labor for 1 year from date of purchase.


50% parts and labor for 1 year from date of purchase. You pay half, we pay half.


25% Discount on parts for that motor for 1 year from date of purchase.


Sold as is, no warranty. Motor will run when it leaves Hallberg Marine.

We test run all of our small motors before we take them in and before they all leave. We don’t want surprises before or after the sale anymore than you do!

All of our remote control style motors (for steering consoles) will come with a set of controls, prop and a gas tank if you need it. Installation is not included but it can certainly be arranged through our rigging shop.

Because we go through our motors in this way, we truly have little problems with our used motors. Generally, we never see them again.

What is included in our installation?

*Standard installation includes the following:

~ Side mounted external control box & key switch (on remote models)

~ Prop

~ Test run

~ 6 GAL Gas tank (only if needed)

~ Using your battery (batteries not included!)


Binnacle or concealed side mount installation is additional cost $100/HR + upgrade any parts needed.

Please call us up for all the details!

How do trade ins work at Hallbergs?

This is of course where the majority of these motors come from. We will gladly take in your used motor in trade for another or for a new motor as well. We do, however, have limits. We are not really interested in any motors that need major repairs, or motors that are older than model year 1990. Be prepared to have us run your trade when you bring it in so we can give it a thumbs up or a thumbs down. Be also prepared to have us turn you down,. it’s not personal, just business.

It will save us both a lot of time if you are honest, up front and realistic about your trade.

We will give you trade in range +/- in value either over the phone when you call or when you stop in. We base this on A.B.O.S blue book value which is a marine industry standard.

How to double check our used outboard inventory?

Of Course the best way to double check before you make a trip up from twin cities or drive down from Duluth is to call us ahead of time. Our inventory changes on a daily basis in our busy season.

Give our sales department a call with questions and availability as is changes daily. 651-462-4516