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Hallberg Customer Appreciation Party

Thanks to all the customers who came, we had our biggest turnout ever!

Hallberg Family Foundation

The Hallberg Family Foundation started in 2005 and support the local community in many ways.  The Foundation supports our community schools,provides scholarship funds, athletics,performing arts,  youth church ministries, Wyoming fire and police department needs and many other community needs. Two of the past donations include Zamboni Ice surfacing machines , battery powered,for the Forest Lake School District and the  Chisago Lakes Ice Arena saving the tax payers over $200,000.

The Foundation contributed $25,000 to the Forest Lake Scholarship Fund  for 2017. Four students receive $5000  each year for four years provided they maintain a 2.5 goal and in addition two students will receive a $2500 one time grant.

Currently the HFP   supports the Forest Lake Youth Performing Arts, the Masquers Theater, the Ordway Theater, Festival Theater, and the Forest Lake Children Theater.

Three years ago Wyoming started a center for the arts. Through a major contribution from the Foundation and the center is now named “The Hallberg Center for the Arts.

Others contributions include the Forest Lake Rotary Club for the Plunge, the Red Cross, Salvation Army,Union Gospel Mission,Youth Service Bureau and the list goes on

Hallberg Family Foundation


-Many local youth ministries

-Red Cross

-Union Gospel Mission

-Wyoming Police Department

-Wyoming Fire Department


Wyoming Canvas

We are so fortunate to have Wyoming Canvas be a part of Hallberg Marine. Ben Lange, owner and operator custom makes covers, tops, seats, enclosures, etc. Call 651-462-5420 and ask for Ben.


Hallberg Family foundation donates new Zamboni to FLAA

Hallberg Family foundation delivered a brand spanking new Zamboni to the FLAA. (Forest Lake Athletic Assn) Supporting our local community athletics.